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 Buckner Building

The Buckner Building is a large building in Whittier, Alaska; for many years it was the largest building in Alaska, and was sometimes called the "city under one roof." It was seriously damaged in the 1964 Alaska earthquake, and was subsequently abandoned.

Two factors combine to make safe demolition of the building cost-prohibitive: First, there is a fair amount of asbestos in the building. Second, the only land-route in and out of Whittier is through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, so debris would either have to go through the tunnel or be moved on ships. **

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The Buckner Building, which was completed in 1953, has 1,000 apartments. At one time it was the largest building in Alaska. It's been dubbed the "city under one roof" because of its hospital, bowling alley, theater, gym, swimming pool and various shops. The facility remained active until 1960.**


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