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Hellyer House Australia

This is Hellyer House on Wandilo Road outside of Mt Gambier. Built in the late 1800's it has now been abandoned for more than 50 years...

The house is virtually unseen from the road

Sadly, the inside is in as poor condition as the outside, the cottage has 4 bedrooms, sitting room, large country kitchen and a pergola entertaining area out the back which has fallen onto itself.

I actually fell through the floor in this room. There is evidence of squatters who have stayed the night every now and then though there is minimum graffiti . A single shoe had been left behind (what is it about abandoned houses always having 1 shoe left in there????)

In the kitchen, the old wood stove still stands. You can almost picture a large family gathering in this enormous room for meals. Notice the 3 large orbs down the bottom on the right?

Inside this once lovely Pergola attached to the back of the house is quite creepy, being in the kitchen and the pergola area I constantly felt like I was being watched.

Just like the cottage, the land and surrounds remains untouched.

I don't know how long Hellyer House will remain standing, I know the land has been sold so I'm glad I had the opportunity to go inside and explore.

Abandoned.....Down Under

This old place is found between the country towns of Dartmoor and Glenburnie.

It was very unstable so I decided not to go inside.

This old minors cottage is on the road from Dunkeld to GlenThompson, to me this photo looks like a painting, the house is falling down, the side/front wall has completely collapsed. Because of it's wooden structure it is not safe to enter.

As you drive into the country town of Digby, you'll see this abandoned house sitting behind a mass of tree's. I plan to go back to this one and explore it inside.

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