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Lakeside Raceway


Lakeside Raceway is located 30km North of Brisbane Australia. It was a fast, sweeping circuit that hosted the 1966 and 1969 Australian Grand Prix. More recently it hosted a round of the V8 Supercar Touring Car championship, up until 1998. By 2001 the circuit had fallen on hard-times and went bankrupt. It was purchased by the local council for $AUD600,000 (approx. $US490,000), who on account of a handful of noise-complaints, closed the circuit. The circuit had been around since 1961 ... the noise complaints were from people who moved to near the circuit AFTER it was opened.

Finally, 6 years later common-sense has prevailed, and the circuit is looking like it will undergo a re-development. However, local land-owners are again getting in the way. They are trying to delay the re-opening until 2010, when the circuit will no longer be heritage listed and can be demolished.

Since it closed in 2001, the circuit has basically been left to deteriorate.

Lakeside in Better Days

Some dodgy photos I took at the track at its last major meeting in 2001:

Onboard lap of the circuit with Dick Johnson in 1985:

Photos of the circuit in its prime:


I live 5km down the road from Lakeside. I used to go there back before it closed, and could hear the noise from my house. As a rev-head it was superb.

This afternoon I went down and had a look at the track for the first time in a few years. It is in quite bad condition. The surface is breaking up in places, the buildings have been badly vandalised, the catch-fencing is gone... it is a ghost-track.

On to the photos:
Race Control. This is where the commentators used to sit, as well as event grand marshalls and so-forth. The building has been bordered up.
Inside the scrutineering building. This is where cars would be checked to make sure they complied with the regulations. Now it's just home to bird feces, spider skins and broken glass.
Even though the track only shut in 2001, technology is stuck in ... 1981 ...
The famous Grand Prix Jaguar bridge. This thing was full of pigeons and appears to have sustained some damage.
Looking at the advertising boards is a snapshot into the past, with old logos and now non-existent companies featured.
The whole place is over-grown. Someone needs to bring in a lawn-mower.
The pitlane garages.
Looking down towards the first few corners from the top of the control tower.
Looking up towards the Eastern Loop. When I was there one weekend back in 2000 a bloke in a historic car of some sort, maybe a Jaguar, had a fatal heart-attack during the warm-up for a race.
Lakeside - once the playground of racers - now a hangout for youths with nothing to do.

More photos here:

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