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Abandoned Border Crossing

Submitted by Oliver

"Following the gradual implementation after 1995 of the Schengen Agreement throughout most of the European Union, systematic border checks and patrols disappeared to allow for the free movement of people between different countries. As a consequence, most border posts were quickly removed. This example is at Rekkem, about 10 miles north of the French city of Lille on the main route from Paris to northern Europe and is located precisely on the France / Belgium border (although technically, the buildings are on Belgian soil). In its day, it was reportedly the largest example of its kind in Europe and had a variety of services for both staff and travellers—including a couple of cells. After lying abandoned for over twenty years, work finally began in February 2014 to destroy it within a month. Spot checks by Customs can still take place however, as on the day the pictures were taken."

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