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Linda Vista Hospital

Linda Vista Hospital In Boyle Heights

From our viewers

Hey, I enjoyed your site.  those burned dolls at the incubator got me thinking.  A film called "Room 6" was shot in 2006 that used Linda Vista Hospital as a location for both a mythical hospital, St Rosewood, and a real hospital, Linda Vista.  I the film the mythical St Rosewood burned to the ground with everybody inside it.  Those burned dolls may me left over from the film crew although professional film crews are usually pretty good about cleaning up.

The film mostly had quick external shots of the hospital and longer hallway and boiler room shots.  While I can't recommend the movie, you may want to give it a look to say "Oh yeah--been there."


Linda Vista Hospital was used as an actual hospital up until the mid-eighties, I believe, based on evidence we found on site, though I don't know exactly when it closed. Since then, it's been used as a site for several movies and TV productions, including Pearl Harbor and possibly Scrubs.

Interestingly, according to, Linda Vista hospital is reportedly haunted.

quote: came out of the closet to say:
People who go there have reported seeing lights and hearing a little girl laughing and playing around in there. Screams, cold spats, noises, cries, moaning, lights coming on and off, noises could even be heard from the street at night with no one inside. Hospital is sometimes used for filming by production companies. A doctor has been seen on the main building, corner window, top floor looking out through the window. He was wearing a doctor's suit and a tie. Lights go on and off throughout the whole building. There is a room full of cages and a group of people claimed seeing a mentally ill patient(ghost) roaming inside a cage in that room. Strange noises are heard around the buildings. Cold and warm spots are felt in certain places.

This of course, could only add to our fun.

We made this expedition over two nights: night 1 to scout and find a point of entry, night 2 to actually explore inside (though, it actually turned into two nights because we sort of overlooked an obvious entrance point on night 1; also we were spooked by a hobo).

Our target (this actually isn't my picture, I forgot to get a full exterior shot):

[disclaimer: I know nothing about photography, I just have a really cool camera]

On night one, we decided to try the roof. Usually, the roof is always a good way into the building. We climbed a wall and then this fire escape.


Which led us to the roof.

A dark exterior shot of the building from the roof.


We did not find a reliable point of entry on the roof. We did find this elevator shaft, but we hadn't come equipped to use it safely.


After waiting for the passing of a few cop cars, we decided to climb down the fire escape on the back of the hospital to find another entrance (Guilty pictured):

The back of the hospital:


At this point, we found an open door, which led us inside to a boiler room:


However, at this point, all we could see was a lit door that was open. Fearing security, we would leave the boiler room and search for another access point. We would retrace our steps back to the front of the building, where we would be surprised by a hobo sleeping in an abandoned camper shell. In retrospect, he was probably just as afraid of us, but we weren't going to stick around and find out.

So, on night 2, we decided to check out the boiler room again, as it had been the only real viable entry point we had found. Oddly, the door to the boiler room was shut this time, and a gurney wheel had been leaned up against the door, which I can only assume was there as some sort of hobo security system. Anyway, we got in, and looked around. If we had looked around the night before, we would have found a tunnel leading into the hospital proper.

Looking around the boiler room a bit more, we found a neat room which had been used a tagger's hideaway.

Back to the tunnel. I can't really explain how creepy walking through the tunnel was. As we got farther down the tunnel, we could hear that there was definitely some kind of noise coming from above us. It was probably a bird, but at the time, it wasn't pleasant.

We found this in the tunnel. This was probably the creepiest thing we found in the hospital; the dolls are burned.

A little further down was this filing cabinet full of blood samples.


And into the basement.

There were also some cages and very odd poems written on the walls, all of which are not pictured because I am stupid.

Anyway, we would exit the basement and make our way to the first floor via a dark set of stairs we had found.

We came across an old file storage room, with the lights on, strangely.

What could be in here?


Hay, corpse freezers!

I actually wanted to open them but Guilty talked me out of it.

The morgue lab

Guilty tries to get dinner (oddly, we found a lot of these gynecology tables on the first floor. I swear they were everywhere)

We would hear more noises- large thuds and crashes that sounded like they were coming from outside, or above us. Would we end up a hobo's dinner?

An operating room?


If the incubator was the creepiest thing about this trip, this was the flat out scariest. Now, it's not too bad when you get this thing in full light. However, it's right around a corner, and my maglight had just kind of lit the edges of the thing, giving it an all too human silhouette. When I saw it, it was like someone had thrown a bucket of cold water on me. Between the two of us, the forums almost gained a photo thread and a couple of new pantshitting stories.

Last picture, a shot of the scary hallway which doesn't do it justice.

Anyway, at this point my camera ran out of juice, so we decided to call it a night, not finding any truly safe way to the second floor.

So that's Linda Vista, hope you enjoyed it.

Part two located below



So, this Saturday morning, I returned to Linda Vista hospital, having been thwarted last weekend by a film crew. I will start off by saying I took the trip back to the hospital in the morning. My new partner in crime, Adam, (Guilty now being in Chicago) wanted a daylight run for the photography opportunities. Seriously, he was hardcore; he had his digital, but he also brought his 35mm with B&W film and his tripod.

Anyway, getting into the hospital was somewhat easier than I had thought it would be. Basically, we walked onto the property and hopped in a window around the back that was unlocked.

We started on the first floor, which I had been on in my previous trip. It hadn't changed much in the daylight.

There was quite a bit of stuff that I hadn't caught in the dark though.

Good advice.

Pleasant thoughts.

The elevator shaft from the bottom looking up


As promised, I went to the morgue and opened the freezer doors.

The top one was already open; I gave the bottom one a try, but the thing would simply not budge. Not that I expect anything was inside, but we can always dream there was a zombie just waiting to get out, right?

More shots of stuff in the morgue. The morgue lab was sort of odd; it really looked like someone had recently used it, I'd say it was for filming, but I really can't say.


An X-ray machine

I've no idea what this is

Another blurry hallway. After looking through all of the shots I took, I realized the long blurry hallway had become the recurring theme of the hospital.

For those interested, the mannequin was still there, but someone stole his bottle of jack.

Anyway, we went down to the boiler room before heading into the basement. The boiler room is definitely one of the cooler parts in the hospital during the daylight. The light streams in through the high windows and just gives the place a very cool feel. My photography definitely doesn't do it justice.

I got a lot of shots of the furnace for some reason, it was really neat looking.

I'd like to think that bodies were occasionally thrown in there, but I think that may just be wishful thinking.

Anyway, onto the basement, which is what I think you all wanted to see. Now, the basement is just as scary in the day as it was in the night-- there aren't any windows and of course, there were no lights.

The tunnel, take 2:

(yes, I had long exposure on; no, I didn't have a tripod)

This was on the tunnel wall. Feel free to speculate:

A comprehensive gallery of interesting(?) graffiti:

Here are the cages in the basement that I mentioned. I made sure to check the floor for bloodstains:

So there's the basement, in all of its creepy glory.

Anyway, we made our way to the upper levels, which sadly, are a lot like the first floor. The Second floor, where the entrance is and the lobby I'll get to later, because it was locked up somewhat tight and we had to find an alternate route in.

Outer stairway on the third floor:

I don't recall where exactly I found this.


I wonder what's in it?

Okay, we won't be opening this.

Still not sure what this room was for:

This is a room in the main hallway of floor three or four that just had a tub in it.


Ew. Soiled linens.

Return of the hallway shot.

Fabulous decor. A lot of the rooms were painted bright colors, I thought it was kind of strange.


This room looked almost new; it had to have been used to film something or other.

The break room of doom! (yeah, I'm not trying to be scary anymore)

The fridge of doom.


An exterior of the hospital from inside:

The higher we climbed, it seemed like the more dilapidated the building became.

This room belonged to the pigeons, so I left it the fuck alone.


The elevator motors for the main set of lifts. This is in the attic.

The attic was also owned by pigeons, so I didn't really look around up there much. Spiders, scorpions, snakes don't frighten me in the least, but being in an enclosed area with a pigeon... horrific.

This is where that goddamned hobo lived, in the camper shell.

Lastly, some scenic shots of breathtaking East LA.


Anyway, the lobby kitchen level had most of the neat stuff.


The front door and reception desk.

The Chapel.

Random shots of the kitchen.



You know, you really have to love vandals with a sense of humor.

Anyway, the lobby level had a staircase that led into a separate annex of the building that looked like it was a temporary jail.

Okay, the who the fuck sneaks into an abandoned hospital and plays with a Ouija board? That's just plain wrong.

The office or something, the actual ouija board was on the desk. No, I didn't play with it.

This was drawn on the ceiling in the detention area.

"They are here"? What the hell?

Anyway, this trip ended oddly. We were on our way to get into the second floor when we heard voices. We went back to where we got in only to see a couple of people. They eventually figured out we were there (we weren't trying terribly hard not to be seen), and as it turned out, they were there to take some video and pictures for some sort of school project.

As were looking around the lobby level with them, we see a man walking around. He was the security guy. However, he seemed to be cool with us being there, and he actually turned on the lights for us (which by the way, was a major buzzkill). I think he was mute, because he never said anything to us.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pictures. It was tempting to post every single non-redundant shot I took, but I didn't want to bludgeon you guys to death. If you're interested in more,
here is my partner's website- he has some older shots of the hospital up now, he will probably have much, much more later in the week. He actually knows what he's doing with a camera, so check it out.

My next project was going to be the old PG&E tunnel in Echo Park, but I guess it was bricked up because there were hobos living there (I have no idea why that's a good idea to close it, except maybe they considered it to be hazardous). Instead, my next project will probably be the UCLA steam tunnels (which is stupid thread for me, but I want some more pictures).



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