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Credit goes to apoxuponme

Alma College in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Finally was able to organize a road trip to the town south of me so we could check out this old building.

This is Alma College in St. Thomas, Ontario. Plans were underway to turn this into a luxury retirement home for old people to spend the last remaining moments of their lonely pitiful lives in, but that plan has been scrapped and Alma College remains empty. And when I say empty, I mean empty. The inside of the place had only enough wood and stone to keep the floors up. Everything had been removed, including most of the walls.

We parked at the front of the building, which was all fenced up and ended up having to walk about 2 miles through suburbs, then wilderness, then swamp, then uphill to finally get to the open area of the back of the building.

Just thought I'd add a footnote to your wonderful pictures. I live in London, Ontario, 15 minutes from St. Thomas, Ontario. I just wanted to report that the Alma College was destroyed by fire this past summer. The building was completely gutted and later torn down. A rather sad ending to a once glorious structure.

Thank you for your time.

Sent in from a fan of ABNF

We got in by the second floor window, climbing up a makeshift ladder (e.g. pipes and piles of rocks and plywood). Each floor had a hallway like this that ran the length of the building. Can you imagine all those catholic school girls running to get to class in these halls? Yeah, me neither.

Front of the building, second floor.

Big stairwell at the back of the building.

This is a huge room on the third floor, I guess used as either a lunch room, or Gymnasium.

This is known as a “dumb waiter”, used to move food and stuff up and down floors quickly. Think of it kind of like an elevator. The platform where the supplies were placed is directly above me and the pic of it turned out like shit.


Every window within reaching distance from outside was blocked up tight, but the light from outside still gets in from the edges. I really like this shot.

To the east of the building, there was an old amphitheater in a clearing in the forest. This pic does not show how cool this area really was.

Final front shot before we took off for burgers and beers.



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