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Church Of Cassiar, Cassiar, BC (Approx 100 Miles from Watson Lake, YT)

Trespassing Signs: The closed sign at the entrance to the Cassiar road, none on the building itself- HOWEVER it's within the "Town Site" of Cassiar, which is gated, and may be locked.

Patrolled: Yes....sorta. You need to enter the old town site of Cassiar, which is currently being used by the BC government for various projects. There is a camp there where some people are working (unsure how many), so someone may stop you out of pure curiosity (it's not a place that is known for visitors considering its in the middle of nowhere). If they ask you to leave, please respect their wishes.

Personally Visited: Yes, May 31st, 2008

We decided to make a return trip to Cassiar, and I got dozens of photos of a bunch of buildings. I'll be making different topics for the more important ones as I upload them. But starting off, this is the Church that was built in Cassiar. Rumor has it the government will not tear it down because it's a religious structure, though I don't know if that's true. I wouldn't be surprised, considering the church and 4 apartment buildings are all that remain of the town site. (the apartments are still being used, so I don't have photos of them)

When we arrived, we saw a man working outside the gates and and asked him of we could go in, he didn't care and said go for it. Once past the gates and in the town site itself, we were stopped by another man in a truck. He asked us what our business was in Cassiar. Our friend who was with us worked in Cassiar back when it was still running, and explained that we were just wanting to take a look at the place. The man let us pass no problem, but asked us just to be careful. smile.gif So we headed for the Church.

The floor is old and you can easily put your foot right through it if you're not careful.

Would you like to enter the confessional and confess your sins?

Stained glass crosses on the windows, their color was still vibrant.

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