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House On Stilts, Cassiar, BC (Approx 100 Miles from Watson Lake, YT)

Trespassing Signs: The closed sign at the entrance to the Cassiar road, none on the building itself.

Patrolled: Yes....sorta. While this is outside the "townsite" of Cassiar, the area is currently being used by the BC government for various projects. There is a camp there where some people are working (unsure how many), so someone may stop you out of pure curiosity (it's not a place that is known for visitors considering its in the middle of nowhere). If they ask you to leave, please respect their wishes.

Personally Visited: Yes, May 31st, 2008

This one is pretty cool, This house was set down on what I'll call stilts, (cause I can't remember the proper word lol), up on a hill way behind the garage. My dad said a friend of his once tried to buy this little house, but the deal fell through, so, here it sits. I'm going to mark this one as a ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK, because since it IS supported up high, I wouldn't trust what's holding it for much longer. We could feel it creak as we walked in there, so we made our exploration very short. Also, the ladder is very rickety, and would probably break if used more.

From this angle it looks like a normal house.

Until you see it's being supported high off the ground. I'd say oh.... 5 feet at least.

Up the ladder to the house, the house number is still there. It originally was in the former town site of Cassiar. (The townsite has since been destroyed)

Inside the entrance. The door was wide open.

Living room and the "door to nowhere" (That blue door on the 2nd photo)

Kitchen area, filled with ceiling tiles...

Which have all fallen off the ceiling over the years. Someone obviously didn't install them right!


Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2 (I like the carpet)

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