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Little Log Cabin, Cassiar, BC (Approx 100 Miles from Watson Lake, YT)

Trespassing Signs: The closed sign at the entrance to the Cassiar road, none on the building itself.

Patrolled: Yes....sorta. While this is outside the "townsite" of Cassiar, the area is currently being used by the BC government for various projects. There is a camp there where some people are working (unsure how many), so someone may stop you out of pure curiosity (it's not a place that is known for visitors considering its in the middle of nowhere). If they ask you to leave, please respect their wishes.

Personally Visited: Yes, May 31st, 2008

Another little cabin up in Cassiar, this one was a little boring, it's pretty empty. One thing to note is it 's actually sinking into the ground it was built on. This was a problem with a lot of cabins built in Cassiar, they were built directly on the ground, no form of foundation or anything to support them, so over the years, they're slowly settling into the ground, and becoming very tilted.

Outside, you can see it's sunk down into the ground quite a bit. All the ground in this area was very soft and wet.

Beside another building, I don't have pictures of the 2nd, but the 2nd was converted into a chicken coop it looked like, it was really smelly and full of hay.

Living room. No, that's not an optical illusion, the cabin was actually that un-level.

Kitchen area, an interesting thing is those cabinets were metal, not wood.

Very un-level floor.

Bathroom area, yes, that's ice buildup in the corner, and yes, these were taking in May. It's such high country that there was still ice and snow everywhere. I think that's insulation all over the floor....

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