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The Guildwood Inn, Scarborough, Ontario Canada

Went by the Guild Inn tonight after work got off work 1 hour early and it's close to me some of the pictures are not the greatest as my little digital camera does not do very well at night even with night mode on!

Here is what I have on it, The place is really boarded up tight I walked around the whole building spent 30 mins in the cold weather and there might be a way in on the 2nd floor balcony as they are not boarded up. All Ground Floor windows and Doors are locked up tight, I even walked past the front of the place and thought I heard a dog barking in the hotel. The is no motion sensor lights on the outside of the hotel and the hotel still has power to the whole building as there are lights on in the hotel that I could see from the fenced off area. Any idea's on entry points after you look at my pics please let me know via pm. I will be doing a day trip there to take better pics next Tuesday! Sorry Guys

Credit goes  to N1Hawk

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