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The House On The Hill, Cassiar, BC (Approx 100 Miles from Watson Lake, YT)

Trespassing Signs: The closed sign at the entrance to the Cassiar road, none on the building itself.

Patrolled: Yes....sorta. While this is outside the "townsite" of Cassiar, the area is currently being used by the BC government for various projects. There is a camp there where some people are working (unsure how many), so someone may stop you out of pure curiosity (it's not a place that is known for visitors considering its in the middle of nowhere). If they ask you to leave, please respect their wishes.

Personally Visited: Yes, May 31st, 2008

If you walk up beside this house, then keep climbing the hill to the left, you will reach the Cabin on the Hill.

I liked this place, the view was amazing, and there was a supply of running water here. My dad was actually interested in finding out who owns this place, he was wanting to buy it to clean it up and make a summer home out of it. There was a sign with a phone number on it, and dad did call the number, which sent him to another company lol. He eventually tracked down the company on the sign, but they honestly couldn't remember anything about the property because they said it's been so long. It's probably been given back to the government or something. Oh well.

The house up on the hill. Look at all the windows!

The stairway leading up to the house. The loops on the bottom of the picture were for a watering system for a garden.

The side of the house.

Front of the house. There were padlocks on both doors, so we unfortunately couldn't get inside.

Other side of the house, it looks like someone wanted to build something but didn't.

Shed near the house. Lots of wood everywhere.

Inside the 1st shed, very old encyclopedias.

Lots of junk on the shelves.

More junk.

Another shed.

Inside the 2nd shed.

Old tennis rackets on the shelf.

Stream running down the hill, it was very cold.

Pond at the bottom of the stream.

Truck parts

About 100 yards to the right of the house was the remains of another that had burned down.

More of the burned down home.

And finally... the view from the front of the house. What a pretty sight to see every morning.

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