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The Slanted House, Cassiar, BC (Approx 100 Miles from Watson Lake, YT)

Trespassing Signs: The closed sign at the entrance to the Cassiar road, none on the building itself.

Patrolled: Yes....sorta. While this is outside the "townsite" of Cassiar, the area is currently being used by the BC government for various projects. There is a camp there where some people are working (unsure how many), so someone may stop you out of pure curiosity (it's not a place that is known for visitors considering its in the middle of nowhere). If they ask you to leave, please respect their wishes.

Personally Visited: Yes, May 31st, 2008

I call this one "The Slanted House" because everything was on a slant in this area! The roof of the house is really strangely built, the building looks to be on a slant, the garage next to it is almost fallen right over, and the outhouse outside is slanted too! This place was one of the "newer" ones we looked through, because we found catalogs from Dec 2005 in there. However, the door was wide open when we walked up, so we just went in and looked around.

Front of the house, 2nd roof built over the 1st one.

Outside of the house, with the outhouse in the background.

Side door, open when we got there.

Inside the entrance.

Kitchen area. Stove's gone.



Living room area. It looked quite nice, I guess that's like a little "bar" or something on the left.

Living room area. It's kinda creepy, that light dot showed up in most of the living room pictures, but nowhere else... No reason for the dot either, there was nothing reflective. Ghost perhaps?

I kid you not, we have the exact same TV at home. XD;

Sears Catalogs from Nov/Dec 2005.

Laundry room

Hallway leading to the laundry room, which leads to the kitchen.

WARNING. Garage is in the process of falling over DO NOT ENTER.
I'll be honest, if the garage survived this winter, I'll be amazed. I didn't go in it, I just took pictures with my zoom

Side of garage, with an outhouse next to it. It looks ready to fall over! But yknow what's gross? right in front of that outhouse is a creek. Guess where the hole to the outhouse goes? Don't drink the water downstream, Ew!

Inside the garage. You can see the whole building is slanted over.

Child's wagon.

Child's bicycle outside the garage.

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