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Cloverleaf Dog Track

Submitted by Skrilla

This is my submission.

Please include my story and a link if you don't mind (I'll understand if you cannot include the link)

    Me and my girlfriend were driving home from a tour of the Budwiser Plant north of Fort Collins, headed south on Colorado I-25. We spotted this abandoned dog track off of a frontage road next to the interstate. We made our way over to find the main gate unlocked and standing wide open. We hid my car, and proceeded to examine the outside of the building looking for a way in.
    We tried virtually every door only to find them locked solid. We were getting discouraged when I spotted a old style garage door. I said to her, "I'll bet that'll slide right open." Sure enough, just like that we were inside, in the basement or concession area of the track. We made our way up the rickety stairs, to find evidence of vandals and thieves, as well as parts of the deconstruction process. The track is scheduled for demolition. On the lower concourse, my wonderfully observant girlfriend found a ticket from 1981. This was very unusual now knowing that the last race actually happened in 2007.
    Taking pictures along the way we found the roof access, and made our way up the thin metal stairs. Once on the roof we realized we were in full view of I-25. So we carefully snapped more pictures and  moved quickly into the press box. By this time we felt we had seen it enough and had probably been in there for a bit too long. We made our way back down, back out the way we came. Keeping to the urban explorers motto, we "Took nothing but pictures and left nothing but footprints."
    We then worked our way around the building to the area where we had hid the car, only to find a lone hospital security guard from The Medical Center of the Rockies. Which happens to now own the property and sits literally a stones throw away. He was calmly smoking his cigarette, and he told us we shouldn't be in their because of the dangers of asbestos and lead. Yea, I would not recommend making a it a regular travel destination.
    Then of course the best part of the evening, The security guard departed as we got to our car. As we pulled up to the main gate, we started to get worried, It was closed and padlocked... 3 times.... So we drove around the lot for a bit trying to find an alternate way out. There wasn't one.... Yes it looked like we were going to have to call for help, and then explain why we were inside.... Not really something to look forward to ay? But I, Being the genius I am, noticed that to the right of the gate was still paved and flat, with only a few light cables wrapped around a large short post standing in our way. Now i drive a coupe, not the ideal car for going through fences. So i removed the top cable over the top of the post, and pushed the other two as close to the ground as I could with my feet. I yelled at my girlfriend to jump in the drivers seat. She did this quickly, and drove over the wires, without scratching my car. I carefully replaced the wire I had removed and pulled the other two back up, good as new. The we booked it as we didn't want to deal with some Colorado police. I don't live there was just in the state for vacation.

Thanks for looking at my Pictures and listening to my story.
Here is a nice site I found with some more info on the Cloverleaf Dog Track, in Loveland Colorado."

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