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Photos of an Old Match Factory

I thought I'd share some of the photos I took recently, while visiting an old, abandoned match factory in my hometown of Tampere, Finland.

This factory was owned by a company called Finnmatch. It was established in 1926 and the match production finally ended in the 70's. Some car repair companies operated in the facilities after that, but the buildings have been abandoned since the 80's.

Parts of it are in quite bad condition, especially the wooden buildings. The main hall still stands tall, although it has clearly been housing a generation of bums and junkies and partying youth. I plan to make a second trip some time in the near future to get more pictures of the insides. Anyway, on to the pics, hope you like ruins as much as I do!

Nearing the factory. Lots of green around the place.

Old trucks litter the grounds. I counted at least 3 of them.

The front. Most windows are gone, must be a bird sanctuary in there...

A wooden hut on the grounds. No idea what it was used for...

But it sure is kinda creepy in the inside.

Graffiti everywhere, of course. Some of it good, some bad, some terrible.

Backyard and a bridge to the second floor (the door was blocked unfortunately).

Apparently the factory grounds now also serve as a couch graveyard?

Parts of the main building are collapsing.

Venturing inside.

Old switchboxes, in surprisingly good condition.

There was a large oven/furnace here, at least that's what i assume it was.

Someone left a clipboard with some notes on it here, maybe tens of years ago.

Hobo Main Hall.

Thick soles on your boots are a bonus because of the glass and pointy objects.

And lastly, a comfy looking sofa.

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