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Residential Houses, Lahti, Finland

This is my first visit in a abandoned house, with camera with me.
This residential house is only about 1 and a half from the city center and it has been abandoned for about 3-4 months. There had been a oil leak from the tanker and the oil had leaked into to soil. Because the oil leak has been quite severe the city has ordered house to be demolished.
On the last picture you can see the garage and that the ground has been partly removed and hole is now filled with water. For those months as the house has been abandoned it has been occupied by drunks and perhaps drug addicts too.

Since this was my first visit in a abandoned house I wasn't prepared too well to make better pictures. I didn't have a flashlight with my and I didn't have enough time to focus and to take more detailed pictures.
I am hoping to visit that house again before it gets demolished.

Same house today, few days later than those previous pictures.
They have started to take down the house.
And on the same block are two other houses which will be demolished and I have taken pictures of them too. I'll post those ones later.

Here's a second house from the same block. This is a house right next to the one I posted above.
This has now been demolished.

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