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The Elysium Assisted Living Facility Abandoned

So every time I move into a new neighborhood I make a point of it to explore a little bit and see what there is to see. Riding around my new digs I found this place. It was actually a cool enough looking place that I climbed in an open window and poked around a bit. It was so creepy that I knew I had to go back and take pictures. And then post about it on the internet. Here we go!

This is the sign I saw from the sidewalk, it drew me in, like a moth to the flame. Named after the elysian fields where dead norse folks go to forget their lives. Weird.

I was not to be deterred by mere legal threats! I had exploring to do!

The entrance.

It appears to be some kind of old folks home, although you could infer that from the name.

This is what initially lured me in to the building, the promise of free stuff. Also, to me, here's where the creepy atmosphere starts.

The building looks pretty destroyed, here's a busted in door frame. It also looks like it's been abandoned for quite some time.

A pipe with water flowing from it. Strange because there's no electricity to the building, you'd think the water would be off too.

A little further in the back you can see the windows to tbe patient's rooms. This building is huge and sprawling.

A lot of the windows are smashed, as well as a lot of the doors. The window I climbed in before was closed
(implication- someone had been there!) so I had to find a new way in.

Jackpot! I'm going in guys!

Step through the door frame. Look to my right.

To the left is some kind of welcome desk, I take of it's counter from behind.

Looks like this place was left in a hurry. What happened here?

This is the nurse's office. It looks like it's been looted pretty badly. I imagine that quite a few kids and vagrants have wandered through here since it was closed.
 I wonder if there are any here...

The hallway on my left. I know from previous experience that this leads to the front area of the building (I came in around the back).
There should be some good stuff up there.

Walkin' down the hallway. A lot of stuff sure was left here.

Part of the mystery revealed! This place must have been shut down on this date. But this still leaves many questions; Did they get to bingo that day?
What time is the Rabbi at? Why did they leave in the first place?

Arriving at the end of the hallway I turn right, this is the first thing I see. Someone must be sleeping here, right?

Well maybe not because directly to the right of this is a room filled to the brim with mattresses. They are stewn about with no pattern at all. Why?

Damnit mattresses are expensive! I could've used one of these a few months ago. Still, I don't know if I'd feel to safe sleeping on one of these...

Also, I should note that many of these rooms are very dark, I could only see with the flash light in this one.

Next I enter the library. On the right wall there are shelves filled with periodicals. What kind of haunted sites will i take in next? Hit f5 to find out!
Another clue! The friend I brought with me (there was no way I was doing this alone again) informs me that there is black mold on the walls.
Deadly to humans. I dash out of the room, cover my face with my shirt, step in, and take a picture.

An entrance into the courtyard. The building is laid out in a square kind of shape around this center area, with an extra wing
attached to the back for the living quarters. But what's this on the ground?

Keys and broken glass. There are dozens of keys here. What are they to? Why would they be here?

We walk down a hall the leads to the swimming pool, to my left is one of the only places that was too creepy for me to explore the first time around.
It's a very narrow staircase painted entirely black. I want to go up there, but as soon as we approach the bottom of the steps we hear a very clear noise.
My friend wants to turn back, but I insist we stay and take some pictures, even if we do have to stay away from the stairway.

The exercise room...

Or is it the do evil experiments on infirm old people room? We will never know.

An administrative office. It looks like it's been ransacked pretty thoroughly. It's strange to see what people choose not to take, I saw a lot of nice furniture and books.

Across from the dining room. What sort of alcove is this exactly? It seems kind of like a large open vanity. Mirrors smashed, ceiling grates open.

Most unique feature of the dining room- this mysterious wig.

A handy chart on the wall, I wonder if any of the dementia patients were left behind in the hurry to escape the deadly mold. I head into the food prep area and go right for the office of the food director.

That is an oxygen mask, an open bag of white substance, and a dirt bottle of cologne. Last time I was here the man who worked in this room's card was sitting on his chair, along with his certification papers. They are missing this time.

Kitchen shot, this whole place stank badly by the way.

Feeding trough for the monsters?

The freezers. Something must have been left in there, because, again, this place smells like rotting meat. We keep hearing periodic clunk noises from above, by the way. There's something in the attic
Inside a freezer. Didn't want to open it any wider. Also in a bit of a rush now due to noises.

Some serious mold here. We're in a different area now, it looks like the maintenance wing.

This is the room I first climbed in to, notice the closed window. Despite it being a treasure trove I took nothing.

Warshin' machines.

What is this? It's in the washing machine room, it looks like it's filled with waste.

Wires for stuff. We're really wanting to get out at this point, but there's something I just have to do... But first I'll stop in the game room, complete with lockers. If I had more time maybe I would have tried to open them with those keys. Also worth noting- even in long abandoned buildings men's rooms are more disgusting then women's rooms.

Hello hand prints. So this place has seen its fair share of vandalizing kids too it seems.

More of this room.

The pool, it's almost empty and filled with brackish water. We saw a raccoon here.

Picture of the games room from through a window. Good old times indeed.

The area around the pool is not looking so hot either.

Oh right, deadly mold, got to go. But first...

I stuck my hand in and aimed at roughly the top of the stairs. I'll admit it, I was getting abit creeped out. After this I left promptly and went home. However, take a look at this zoomed in, higher quality version. Is that a human face?

Maybe not, maybe so, glad I left when I did. Thanks for joining me guys. Look for me to explore more creepy places in the near future!




Hello.  I was just riding by on my bike this morning and they are (finally) tearing down The Elysium (or The Elysian) in Boca Raton, FL. 

Sorry this is the only picture I could get of the demolition (my phone's memory is full)

Love the site, by the way.


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