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 Brunswick Naval Air Station

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About a month ago, my roommate and I went to what will probably be the last air show at brunswick naval air station in brunswick maine. BRAC is shutting the joint down, and the base figured they'd put on a nice September 11th air show.

Knowing there's a few people here who like planes and such, I figured I would shoot it and post some here for your pleasure. I just forgot about it til now. My roommate got some crazy footage of the biplanes on his new camera, and perhaps if there's enough interest we'll firewire it up and post some here.

Anyway, enough talking right? On with the photos. Sadly they didn't drop any bombs do any wing walking, but there was lots of beer and a four hour wait to get out of the parking lot after the show.

Some Blue Angels love.

The f16 falcon, more of this to follow...

F/A-18 Hornet. I always wanted one of these as a kid.

This is an Ilyushin something or other. We got it from the Crotobaltislavonians who partsed it out from Russian surplus

I don't know what this is. It's a navy plane, and they take off from carriers. I think.

My guess without googling is it's an F-5 Tigershark or it is a T-38 trainer. Not sure.

This is an old man with what I can only assume is a shoulder mounted rocket launcher. WHY they didn't have him down on the pavement in seconds is beyond me.

This is one of the guys from that SOCOM game for xbox.


P-3 Orion. I think. On a takeoff roll.

P-3 doing a flyby.

This is a dude who just landed in his corsair. The original corsair sucked, so we were like "Here England, you can have the design. Lol." England gave it a larger canopy and adjusted the wheel things so the pilots could actually see when coming in for a carrier landing, instead of having to come in at an angle and then yank it around so it's straight and just hope to fuck they passed highschool geometry.

Remember that f-16 from up top? Here's a near-supersonic flyby. Fuckers are LOUD. About two seconds after they go by, that is.

F-16 pilot waving to his deafened fans

Oops, forgot some more photos of the Memphis belle.

Other side.

Memphis Belle taxiing.

Watching this bastard take off almost made me cry.

Flyby. Sadly they didn't come as close as the others did. I saw it leaking a LOT of oil earlier on the ramp, so that might be why. I was at the limits of my gear shooting this one. Should have brought my monopod.

All I know about this one is it's the largest plane they land on carriers, and that it's used to bring in mail. It's referred to as a Cod. Like the fish, not the payment.

Flying overhead.

Who would do this??


It blew up.

Look at the size of the engines on this thing.

It's a mystery to me.

This is the loudest thing I've ever heard that did not have a jet engine. Also, the pilot is apparently a surgeon or dentist or something, and he has a death wish. We have video footage of this plane, and the things he does with it (hover in midair suspended by the prop, hammerheads, etc..) are unbelievable. Best act all day, and I went just to see the blue angels.

It's called the bulldog.

Another biplane, not as cool or as loud, but still a lot of fun to watch. Seen here at the tail end of a hammerhead.

This one is not custom-built like the bulldog is. It's an original and completely stock. It does not have an inverted-capable fuel delivery system like the Bulldog, so when he flies inverted for more than five seconds, it stalls, and the motor shoots fire out the exhaust. We got this on video too.

America! Fuck Yeah! This is the c-130 plane that hangs out with the blue angels. It's named Fat Albert. I was like... C-130, wtf. Boring.

Til I saw that they'd slapped JATO bottles on this one.

Yeah, it's pretty much flying vertical two seconds after takeoff. I was impressed.

Fat fucker.

Now I know you are dying to see some blue angels. I knew they flew lots of formations and shit, so I tried to get some fine-art shit happening. Some are successes and some are failures.




Dunno what's happening here.

Those bastards are crazy.


Wheels-down flyby.

Another. More planes.

I was waiting for the machine guns and bombs and stuff.

Sadly I was let down.

Parting shot.


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