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Abandoned Wollen Mill located in Maine

All Credit goes to Dr. Cogwerks

Abandoned Woolen Mill Maine 1

Abandoned Woolen Mill Maine 2

Abandoned Woolen Mill Maine 3

I went back again today to take a few more pictures, hopefully it's not too late to add them now. I brought gloves and a mask so I could scrounge around and get detail shots of things I'd ignored during the last trip, like paperwork and weird personal effects.

According to some of the documents I found, the company started in the 1840's and expanded a great deal from 1880-1940 or so. They laid off the bulk of the workforce around 1996, finally going completely out of business in 2004.

Anyways, on to the images.

Looking straight up the smokestack from the boiler building. It was much brighter out during this trip.

Exterior lamp on the boiler building, pretty much a free fisheye lens.

Little ball bearing thing sitting on a bench in the side workshop building.

Found in the safety inspector's desk in the same building. The sheet on the left talked about reorganizing the shifts after the 1996 layoffs.

Tacked on the door to a case full of old technical manuals.

Seriously, guys. Stop it.

Quite a burly motor, just hanging out on the second floor of the workshop building.

Looks like a toe-tag... poor gear.

Installing new parts, in MY Yarway Impulse Trap? It's more likely than you think.

Somebody seems to have barred shut the entrance we used last week. Uh oh.
That huge fan motor that was by the door is also missing.

After all the talk of anthrax and mold spores, I figured I should be a little more careful this time... still managed to get an eyeful of rust flakes later, whoops.

Sitting atop the desk in the main building's first floor office. I kept expecting to find a note saying "itchy. tasty."

The American Moistening Company sounds like a pretty awesome place.

Airplane shots of jager in the possibly-active transformer room, great idea.

Back through the basement tunnel to the boiler room again, trying to get a wider shot this time.

Old cowboy paperbacks found in a sooty basement closet near the boilers.

Early 1990's newspapers inside a desk, hidden away in a cramped side tunnel.

I'll give you five dollars to eat this.

Or this... delicious nutmeg solvent, looks almost new. Nutmeg solvent is an Everquest II ingredient, so I decided to drink this barrel to complete my quest.
I am dead. Restart? y/n

Alright, the end of the big photo updates for real this time. Thanks for reading!


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