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Casa Grande - Carrboro, NC 27510

I wanted to post a location that I recently explored and one that is very important to my town’s local history. This house has somewhat of a significant value to our town ( Carrboro , NC ) yet most people don't know it exists. The house was owned by the Sparrow Family who lived here during the early part of the twentieth century. They built an in-ground concrete pool on their property and opened it to the public from the 20's through the 60's. The pool closed for public use in the 60's and later fell into disrepair. In 2006, I group of twenty-something’s rented out the house and tried to reclaim the land as a public green space. They used the now drained and overgrown pool as a movie theater and attempted to use the house as a living/working museum of green-friendly exhibits. The green space project never took off and the group had to move after their lease was not renewed. Here are pictures of what it now looks like 4 months after the hippies moved out.




Here is a picture of the pool taken around the 1930's. I am also including a picture of a cement wall that is near the house "Casa Grande" which has a date on it that I think reads 9/10/40

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