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Whittier Junior High School

Lincoln, Nebraska


Whittier Junior High School
Lincoln, Nebraska

I am having a really, really hard time finding the history of this building. It rests right outside the University of Nebraska campus, falling apart, its windows boarded up, and a few lights that are always on.

The University does have plans for it though.


But Whittier stands above the flood plain, a solid building with a distinguished history that deserves a better fate than its current abandonment. My short-term dream is that we find a way to make Whittier the foundation for the Nebraska Innovation Center, that we find a way to return that building to productive use. That we use it as an illustration of what is possible at a major research university committed not only to the advancement of truth but also to the economic prosperity of its community. I am mindful that someone defined a "goal" as a dream with deadlines. For now, this project will remain a dream, but I am hopeful that in the near term we will find the resources necessary to start the Nebraska Innovation Center as the capstone for this university's research and engagement enterprises.

The building has also been part of debate for a new childcare center to be built there.

The good news for you and I? Campus recreation still uses the Whittier gym to play floor hockey in... so access during the floor hockey season is pretty drat easy. Well, lets take a look inside.

(Excuse the camera, it isn't mine, and the pictures didn't come out like I had hoped.)


Right inside, to keep cool, we went and took pictures of the floor hockey games before making our escape. The gym is somethin else, really weird setup. On the left are the "bleachers" or 3 rows of cement seats 20 feet above the floor, the only access coming from 3rd floor.



Off of the gym is where it got good, and also where I really regret having a lovely camera on me... the auditorium.

Goon Ziolent, and a ghost

The tattered projection screen

Moving on through 2nd floor...

One of the rare bathrooms we saw.


The old music room.

Moving down the first floor hallway...

We find an office that doesn't seem to fit very looks awfully modern compared to the rest of the school so far.




The main entry, connecting the first and second floor.

Moving along 2nd floor...

I should have looked in the bag.

This is when it looked like we would be locked out of the totally abandoned half of the it was time to move on. My memory told me that you had to go up to the third floor to find the open door to come back down to the super abandoned part of second and third floor. So we went to back towards the stairway...

At the top of the stairs is brand new drywall and a brand new door...which was locked.

But as all people who have done UrbEx before know, you never take a locked door for a we went looking at a side stairway...



This was strange though, because there was obvious work being done in this wing of the building...why start with 3rd floor? And why only one wing of 3rd floor?


This was a bathroom turned classroom...strange.

This was explaining the basics of electricity.

Moving on 3rd floor...the farther we went the more "abandoned" the building became.

In each class room there was a door on each wall that seemed to go on forever, it was trippy.

Another bathroom

This was a random closet with no door in the hallway...and that crawl space...gently caress that.

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