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Action Park

Action Park Vernon NJ


This place can be found on just type in Action Park if you want to know more.

Ever wonder what a water park looks like when not in use, well ABNF has those pictures for you.


Text taken from ABNF Guest Book as you can see it is open and they had a great summer. Well it was called accident park for many reasons I just hope they got there act in gear. But as in the past few WNJ books Action Park is still abandoned but believe what you will judging by the pictures it was a shit hole then and probably is still one now. Well one comment I can make about there best summer season LOL it was there first one being opened so I guess it is a no brainier why it did good considering action park was closed for yrs.

Rachel McCullough Web Site: Mountain Creek Water park Site Rating: 10 Comments:

Just for the record, Mountain Creek Water park (once known as Action Park) in Vernon, NJ is NOT abandoned and certainly not forgotten. In fact we just completed our best summer season yet! The photographer who posted pictures was a trespasser who entered prior to the beginning of the season. Want to find out more about Mountain Creek Water park? Visit us on the web at

Rachel McCullough
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Mountain Creek Water park

More information available at and from Action Park AKA Accident Park here is another link

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