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Laurel Grove History

Laurel Grove History

Laurel Grove Cemetery


In March 1872 Laurel Grove was founded by the Hinchliffe family and managed by them for 127 years.  The 145 acre property was expanded in the 1920’s when they acquired the 55 acre dairy farm adjacent to the property in order to develop a memorial park section.


Laurel Grove has many special features and details for friends, family and others to appreciate during their visits to the cemetery.  The Paterson Elks Monument which can be seen from route 80 was dedicated in 1897 and serves as a well know landmark.  Also in this cemetery there is the Syrain High Priest Statue and the Federici Fountain and Statue also known to many as “The Spirit of the Resurrection.”  The most recent addition to the cemetery is a World Trade Center Monument. This monument was dedicated in memory of the September 11 victims and a bronze plaque memorializing the fallen police, firefighters, and emergency personnel who lost their lives that day.

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