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K&L Deli in Kent New York


I have another location for you which is closer to home for me. This was the K&L Deli in Kent New York located at the corner of Peekskill Hollow Road and Rte301 on the West side of Carmel, NY facing New York's first reservoir, Boyds Corner Reservoir in the Croton Watershed. (


This Deli was the only business and was a local meeting place for the locals on our side of town.  You could always be assured of a good political conversation and a great cup of coffee. About three years ago the deli closed it's doors suddenly and the owners sold the property to Doughboy's Pizza who attempted to turn the location into a deli/pizza restaurant. Anyway, our great town decided that they needed to improve their parking lot which was partly on DEP property. The town decided to fight the new owners and further complicated the refurbishment by declaring the property 'historic'. The town zoning planner issued a stop work order and that is where the story ends. I am not 100% sure that this is what happened, but that is the rumor. It is a shame that we can't have a convenience store on this side of town, because it is a 10 min drive into town for us. Someone painted "Shop Putnam" on it which I think is a comment on how hard it is for business owners to do business in our town.


I have also included two pictures of another building adjacent to this property which was a fishing/bait store and most recently a "Rock & Roll" museum. The vines are taking over this property

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