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Abandoned Subway Station in The Bronx


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I thought the thread did not get the attention it deserved so here it is again.

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Alt title: Hipsters and the Homeless: Exploration of the underground.

Last weekend 2 goons (myself and reverie) and a non-goon (E2 affiliated) explored an abandoned subway station in the Bronx, NY. A relic of the old elevated subway days, Sedgwick Ave station connected the Jerome Ave line (4 train) to the 9th Ave Elevated. This was the connection between the old Polo Grounds and Yankee Stadium, the origin of the term "subway series". The elevated were torn down over 50 years ago and very little remain. When the 9th Ave was torn down Sedgwick Ave stayed in operation as a shuttle between Yankee Stadium and the Polo Grounds but when the Giants packed up for the west coast there was no need (also the city had built a proper subway connecting the two stations in the 1930s).

For more information on Sedgwick Ave:

For the full sets of mine and reverie's images (as well as full sized ones for your desktops):


First he said, "don't take pictures of me." then I asked later on, and he asked where it would be used. I told him my personal collection, and he said I would have to pay him $1. Then he said I could take one. This was the only one I soon as I took it he moved but I'm happy with how it came out. Later, Andy gave him some money and the guy said, "I hope this isn't for the photo. I didn't want money for that."

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