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Collapsing Farmhouse near Saratoga NY


Dear ABNF;

While it is admittedly tragic to see an historic building, especially a house, fall to ruin, there may be a way to "perpetuate" it.  Architectural salvage.

I think that while it is very important to photographically document these buildings, efforts need to be made to contact the property owner in order to offer them the opportunity to have their building salvaged for architectural features, and any other usable building components.   Individuals passionate about historic preservation would be willing to pay for these original details to restore their own homes.

The example which comes most readily to mind that would benefit greatly from this is the "Collapsing Farmhouse near Saratoga, NY".   Before this house completely falls to the ground, its owner needs to be made aware of the valuable resource this building is.  I readily see windows, glass, moulding, doors/hardware, structural pieces (posts and beams), and I'm sure there are many other items not included in the photographs which would be very desirable.

I am personally very passionate about historic preservation, and use architectural salvage.  However, one must be very aware of how these items are procured.  Too many unscrupulous dealers will "steal to order" for customers.  Retrieving items from abandoned/irredeemable buildings would offer a "new life" for the building, as well as offering some financial compensation to the owner.


Amy S. Becker

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