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Goshen Farm House


History into this house is: in the late 80`s to early 90`s orange county NY had a serial killer named Nathaniel white who was eventually caught but in the process killed about 6-8 young woman some were possibly killed in this house others possibly up the road at an old lodge grounds going from the house towards the hospital it is on the left and waaaaay up a long drive was a fire there years ago apparently people burned to death don't know was before my time others in their own homes and one believed to be in the woods near this house as well but more towards echo lake area. but that house was the killers residence during all this. post arrest the house was gutted for evidence the grounds and nearby lake scoured as well. the house is very structurally unsound from all the ripping up that was done so I wouldn't recommend an interior investigation. its also pretty well known that on certain nights images can be seen in the upstairs windows.

History sent in 02/20/2009 e-mail me if it is wrong .

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