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"House of Horde" in Brooklyn, NY
Central Ave. and Moffat St. near Evergreen Cemetery

While I have biked past this house many times in the past, I didn't get to go in for fear of being ambushed by the potentially territorial homeless.  Leo, the kind homeless man, told me trucks were coming to haul all the junk away and open the place up.  I learned that the junk belonged to a woman named Brenda who, rumor had it, bought the place for a single dollar.  Anything she would find, she would throw into the house.  But she sold it to some guy, and they threw away all her smelly stuff.  Unfortunately for Leo, this means he's loosing his home.  I brought him a beer and lunch before I started snapping pictures to try and make up for it, although it really won't.

On the day I arrived, they were clearing out the second story.   I don't have the pictures, but I know that two days before these were taken, the downstairs was even more of a disaster zone than this.



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