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Kings Park Psychiatric Center

This map was courtesy of the site above. The owner of this site has put allot of time and effort into making it so please visit and enjoy.  The Link below is where you can buy DVDs of various long Island Asylums please check the link out.

More KPPC information can be found here

Kings Park,NY

KPPC Bowling Alley

KPPC Auditorium, Theater and Bingo


KPPC #23 School House

KPPC Swimming Pool

KPPC Morgue Pictures

KPPC #7,#21 and #22 Medical

KPPC #28 Power Plant

KPPC #36

KPPC #41 Inpatient Geriatric

KPPC #93 Inpatient

KPPC #94 Laundry & Storage

KPPC Cemetery

Kings Park State Hospital NY

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