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Middletown Psych Center

A1 - is of a clothing shaft, itís taken from the first floor and aimed upward

A2 - is of the main entrance, itís a small caged in balcony that is overhead


A3 - is what appears to be the main doctors room, rather large and open with a fireplace in it

A4 - is one of the rooms on the first floor

A5 - is a random drawing carved into the staircase coming up to the second floor, not too much graffiti in here but there some


A6 - the laundry shaft from the outside looking into it


A7 - the ceiling on the first floor, if you add a disclaimer to this page cause the entire place has severe water damage, several areas on the 2nd, n 3rd floor buckle as you walk over them even if you walk along the wall and the roof is very bad


A8 - one of the storage room now empty


A9 - 2nd floor room looks up at the 3rd floor


A10 - first floor room looks into the basement - the small tunnel you can see leads into a second building that contains what would appear to be a cafeteria and a crematory though there is a separate abandoned building that strictly was a crematory sadly no pictures from there yet


A11 - is one of the bathrooms on the 2nd floor

Give credit to who took the pictures and refer to me as "carrot" its a nickname since its illegal to enter this building

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