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Staatsburgh Elementary school in Staatsbugh NY


Here are some picture of what we assume to be the Staatsburgh Elementary school in Staatsbugh NY.

From one of our fans..



I am responding to the website for Staatsburgh Elementary School.  My name is Susan Markle.  My family is from Staatsburgh. My father was the Captain of the Staatsburgh Fire Dept. in the 1970's and my brother is the Captain of the Fire Dept now.


I attended the school in Staatsburgh and have a lot of great memories of that school, some of the best times of my childhood were at that school.  We got to plant a garden in the side yard and took various trips to see The Mills Mansion just up the road, and also Franklin Delano Roosevelt Estate in Hyde Park.  There was also a house across the street from the school that George Washington visited ands we got to go there too.


I am very proud that I attended the school there.  I am so sad that it is just sitting there looking so abandoned.  What is going to happen to it?


Thank you for putting Staatsburgh School on the website.

Susan Markle

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