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Abandoned Buildings on Angola Road

"I'd passed by these buildings a few times at night, and used my day off to check them out.  There are actually a number of buildings in this area that are abandoned, but the two featured here were easier to access.  I'll be going back later for more.

Near Springfield OH



Back of the mini-mart


The front lawn was filled with garbage.


I started inside the mini-mart.


What had been the freezer at one point.


The other room was filled with more kids' stuff.


Bullet holes.


The Tandy 64k Color Computer 2 - 1.8 MHz, 64k of RAM.  Circa 1983.


I then moved on to the house, starting in the back and working my way up.


When I reached the front of the house, I started to hear something moving around in the back.  It was an animal of some sort that scurried off when I went back to look.


Front door.


Then off to the bedrooms.


Back to the living room, and then the garage.


Encyclopedias stacked in the garage.


The back yard was enormous... it looked like it got quite swampy.


My drinking team has a racing problem.  I hate the midwest.


The door was wide open, and the glass was broken out of all the windows.


The house sat next to what looked to be a small market at one point.


Side of the house.


Both buildings from the rear.

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