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Abandoned Hotel in Ohio

 These are pictures from two separate adventures into an abandoned hotel in the area of Randall Park, Ohio.
 The first adventure was cut short by weather and a lack of lighting, for both photography and to simply navigate the building.
 What is unique about this hotel is that there are stacks of stuff, all of its kind, with price tags and everything, stacked in huge piles on the ground floor. What Scott and I think is that after the fire, all this stuff was appraised for insurance, and subsequently abandoned since 1991-2. We think it was 91-92 because there are lots of phone books with those dates everywhere. I haven't been able to find any hard information on this hotel on the internet, so if anyone has any, I would love to hear it!
  These sets of pictures are from the first attempt, and focus mostly on the area of the fire on the ground floor. From what we could see, it was fairly small, but produced a LOT of smoke damage.


It was originally a Days Hotel (or Days Inn, if memory serves right it was called a Hotel with Inns coming after it closed).  It's construction was completed in 1976 and was built by the Edward DeBartolo Corporation - the same company responsible for building the adjacent Randall Park Mall.

Your estimate of when it was first closed is probably correct going strictly by memory.  For some reason I thought it was a little earlier (late 80's) but you're in the right area anyway.

Several times through the late 90's the village of North Randall has attempted to take the building, likely to demolish the eyesore, but there is apparently some problem finding the current legal owner.  If Randall Mall was still a serious retail center it would probably be taken by eminent domain and the land used for something else.

Anyway, thanks again for the chance to see the inside of that place... some day maybe I'll have to go there and see what's changed.

Sent in by our fans.

 The second attempt was made yesterday, and produced much, much better images and was much more productive.
 Pictures of the lobby and most of the "piles" were located in this area.
 Second floor. We didn't chill out here long, because we really wanted to see the roof with daylight left.
 Thistledown, from the roof.
 Randall Park Mall.
 Nick and Zack just taking in the scenery.
 10th floor. Out of all the floors we saw, this one was the most complete. I think they were about to take those mattresses down the elevator.
 The dressers/tv stands were all stood up like so in front of the doors.
 The tenth floor was also full of bird corpses and droppings.
 One last look at the pool before we leave. . . .

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