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Columbia Portland Cement factory

This is all you can really see from the road.

The whole complex is surrounded by a moat and a river, as if some sort of medieval fortress.

One of the first buildings we saw, and some of the interior shots (basement, ground floor)

Another site (uncertified) states that there was a strike here that resulted in the shutdown of the plant. This was something that might be associated with this?

The subbasements were located in this building-

In fact, there wasn't much else other than basement there, so we went on to explore the floors of this building instead.

Ground Floor

An office/archives on the second

More from the second floor, outside the office

The third floor was. . . .interesting to say the least. Those are rock-hard stagilates and stagmigites you are looking at.

Piles of stuff on the third

After that pretty much lead up to the top of the elevators, but we did snap a few shots.

Funky-ass tunnel at the very top of the building

Outside view of funky-ass tunnel on the roof

A few roof shots

The rickety gantry I was on for those shots


More awesome stalactites

Some more stuff I shot while getting the hell out

Neither of us have any idea what this is, we would love someone to tell us what these giant things are for! They are about 30-40 feet tall.

one of the entrances to the towers

I'm not sure what the hell this is, but it looks so damn cool


Bye, columbia portland. . . .

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