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Lyons Public School

Lyons Elementary, Second Trip

Lyons Elemtary, Third and Fourth Trips

Lyons Elementary, Lyons OH (Being Demolished)

Front of the building. Like most schools in the area mine had two different wings - the one of the left was built in 1909, and the one on the right was built 50 years later.

Pictures courtesy of

Goon RockusDukakis took this picture.

Taken a few weeks before the others.

The playground.


Taken by RockusDukakis

Most of the interior shots were taken on a later trip I did solo.

The library.

The old art room.

The basement.

My 5th grade class room. A few years afterwards this became my mom's classroom.

Panorama of about 10 different shots. The ceiling was at one point covered in ornate tiles, which were torn down and sold on ebay.

Still in the older wing, but moved up to the second floor. This entire floor had been condemned when I was in kindergarten, and for the last 20 years had been filled with records. My mom had been up here a few days before the school closed, and she found some of my old grade cards.

Random picture someone left above the light switch

I took it home, because hey, ponies

From the roof.

Down into the boiler room.

Moving over to the newer wing, the bathroom

My mom taught in this room for a few years too.

Heaters that were once in the classrooms.

Stuff for sale in the gym.

The cafeteria.

In the kitchen.

Looking off the stage.

This part of the building was collapsing, so I couldn't go far.

Someone had thoughtlessly torn out a load-bearing wall.


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