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This is part 2 of the best preserved open dead-mall.

Westland Mall is an 860,000-square-foot shopping center located on the west side of Columbus, OH.

*Overview of the mall*

The mall opened in 1969 as an open air shopping mall (like Dixie Square in Illinois), and was enclosed in 1982. The anchors are Sears (which is huge), Macy's shut down shortly after the name change, woolworth but shut down after closing many of their stores worldwide (The one at Dixie closed before the mall was abandoned.)

*Notice the door is open to the right, their just begging customers to come in*

Like Cincinnati Mall in Cincy, Westland faced the same issue of popularity to Northgate, this mall lost business to Mall at Tuttle Crossing.

Currently Westland has 10 stores active out of few more than 60. smaller than Cincinnati Mall.

Enjoy the rest of the set!

*One of the main entry's.*

*Staples as an anchor to the mall*

*Blank Bulletin board*

*Love how the glass is missing*

*Part 1 of "don't need em*

*There was no food court, they had individual food stores throughout the mall, though 90% of them were gone anyway.*

*There's several spots where tiles are missing from the floor*

*Hunington has a bank off site but is near the mall*

*Pretty much the middle of the mall that joins the N/E/W and S ends together.*

*Its getting darker*

*The Sears anchor which is closed off from the mall - gee, I wonder why.*

*Westland Mall promo bags.*

*Non-existant stores*

*South mall with missing tiles on the floor with a dead food joint*

*Who needs security? Part 2*

*How may I not help you?*

*A walk down a service corridor*

*Yes, I wanna #3, umm hello?*

*Looks to be vandals work.*

*Heading to the basement*

*Inside a store facility*

*Looking out into the main mall within the store*

*Sears, has a huge facility on site.*

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