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Whiskey Island Coast Guard Station

Whiskey Island Coast Guard Station Update 2009

I love your site and want to let you know that the grounds to the Whiskey Island Coast Guard Station in Cleveland,Ohio are now open to the public. There is easy access to the site from Wendy Park . The path has a new fence  and the grounds have been completely cleaned up of trash and the overgrowth of brush and weeds have been completely removed. I first visited the area late last summer ,but, didn't have a camera with me ,so I went back yesterday and snapped a couple of pics of what the area looks like now . There has been some talk for quite some time of restoring the station and putting it to use for something like an education center , a museum,or even a restaurant and gift shop.These might not be the best pics at the moment,but, I live just 10 minutes away  and plan on going back and getting some better pics.


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