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Big Canyon Dolese Quarry in Oklahoma


The Big Canyon / Dougherty / Crusher Dolese Quarry was the first in
Oklahoma and was created to supply rock for the railraid expanding
across the country.  It has been abandoned for a long time now and is
a beautiful place.  It has great scenery and awesome old, rusty
machinery.  The railroad runs along side it on the West.  There is an
old cemetery near the entrance dating a couple of hundred years old.
There is supposed to be a small cemetery within the quarry itself
where some immigrants rest but its location has been lost over time.
There is some confusion on town names in this area.  During the peak
output of the quarry, many homes were set up inside and near the
quarry.  It seems as though this area was called Crusher, although
somewhere nearby, or the same area, was called Big Canyon.
WARNING: This quarry is gated and there are guard residents on site.
Trespassers will be SHOT on site by the heavily armed guard-residents.
There are also rattle snakes, dangerous equipment, rusty things,
holes, cliffs, etc. It's not safe to go there, so don't. Period.

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