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Optima Lake, in Oklahoma

This is Optima Lake, in the Oklahoma panhandle. We stopped here while deer hunting thinking we were going to have lunch by a nice lake. On the map it looks huge, but reality is less than impressive. The Army Corps of Engineers started this in 1932 or 1936, depending on who you ask. The ground sucked down the water faster than the 2 small rivers could fill it. It was completely abandoned in 1966. This is far off the beaten path so there's almost zero graffiti or vandalism, which gave it a very eerie vibe, like time completely forgot this place.

Boat ramp

This is the ground where a lake should be. You can see deer and people tracks in the road.

Parking lot at the boat ramp

All of that out there should be a lake


Picnic area

Entrance to the main campground

The "lake"

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