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Royal Oak Charcoal Factory

Courtesy of Red Skull

"Don't have any info. on the plants establishment date but closed
several years ago. I guess most people want their barbecue now and
don't want to wait for the nuggets to turn to coals. Thus ended this
facilities life.  Employed apprx. 100 and ran maybe 2 shifts. Me and my
wife originally did an outward cruise and saw no security post, but
noticed vagrant activity, I came back alone some days later. The
plant is big and (dark), charcoal plant, so alot of shots are dark.
The neat thing was the big empty warehouse area as I was half way
across the plant, it radiated a green light, so I dodged all the run
off trenches and took the shots. They don't do it justice but all an
all a very cool site. This is a rare site, because no posted security,
trespassing signs or keep outs. But is along a rail line and we
noticed vagrant activity."   Red Skull


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