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Magnolia Beach Club

Submitted by Mari

"These are the remains of the Magnolia Beach Club and McKenzie Beach Resort in Pawley's Island, South Carolina. The McKenzie Beach Resort was the first African American resort built within the Grand Strand Area during the 1940s when segregation was still running rampant. The hotel was a stopping place for many famous African American singers and performers. The Magnolia Beach Club was a waterfront restaurant and club where the musicians would perform. People such as Ray Charles performed there regularly. The hotel was abandoned in the early 1970s and was almost destroyed during Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Prior to Hugo, there were also cabins behind the hotel, as well as a swimming pool. I had driven by this place hundreds of time, having lived in Pawley's Island for 15 years, and one day my fiance, who is also a photographer, decided to stop and take pictures. I have been in contact with the daughter of the woman who started the resort, so hopefully I will have pictures of the resort while it was running sometime in the near future. I will make sure to share them when I get them."



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