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Welcome to Katolis World located in Dakeng Scenic area outside of Taichung, Taiwan. I used to pass by this place regularly on my weekend trips into the mountains and finally one day a friend and I ventured up the stairs to see what was actually there. The park was closed after a massive earthquake on September 21st, 1999. Thousands of people were killed during the quake but unlikely that anyone was killed in the park as it was a Tuesday and likely closed. Either way, we snuck under the poorly barbwired turngates and spend a few hours walking around.

The map of the park was still intact. We explore the majority of the park but the 2 buildings on the far right were unreachable as it had been crushed during the quake and covered with new forest growth. Pics of the area later on.

Alright we thought the haunted house would be the eeriest of all the things to see but in actuality the inside was quite lame as it was all colored using neon paints and nearly impossible to photograph in the dark. The only scary part about it was the jagged metal sticking out all over the place and the rusted through metal floor that at times felt like was going to give way.

Not a very scary haunted house I must say, it must have been done fairly low budget.

This was one of the two rollercoasters that the park had but unfortunately there was no way to get up close without actually climbing the track and on that day I wasn't feeling adventurous enough as it is quite elevated from the ground.


The loop from the rollercoaster still looking fairly intact. 


These spiders were everywhere in the park, they are about the size of a fist but luckily not poisonous from what I was told. I had a few of em crawling on my shirt and such at times but just brushed em off easily.

This is the part of the park I mentioned was unpassable as it clearly had been destroyed during the quake. Not even sure exactly what it was before.

The mantle piece of a swinging boat type ride.

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