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Urban Exploration: A hospital in Texas

This was at one time some sort of small hospital in Garland TX (it was demolished about a week after these were taken). Unfortunately, everything was lit only with flashlights, since it was at a busy intersection in the middle of the night. Also didn't get to spend much time in it - middle of the summer, busy intersection, etc.

We'll start with some extremely mature light painting.

Following it up with a wheelie thingie:

Another wheelie thingie.

There was still (some) water pressure - not enough to flush a toilet with, but enough to let the tap run.

The hall of doom. I say this because it leads to all the operating rooms.

Autoclave, yay!

A closer shot of the autoclave.



This just has a certain ... effect.

Up for any poo?

Nice modern x-ray machine here...


On one of the kitchen tables.

My friend in the next room visible from the kitchen.

One of the rooms.

Tucked into a closet.

One of the offices:

Time to go already?

Ugly hallway.

And finally the front door.

Like I said, it got torn down a week later. WITH everything still inside, even the x-ray machine.

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