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Abandoned Malibu Grand Prix in Houston

This location is abandoned for two reasons that, perhaps, you may not know about.  First, in the 1980's a robbery occurred that was later proven to be an "inside job."  It was perpetrated by a former employee who had been fired, as I recall.  Anyway, four people were murdered here during the robbery.  Second, the location is not good.  Due to expansion of US 59, also called the Southwest Freeway, access to the location was made nearly impossible. 

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If I am correct you site references the Malibu / Castle Golf and Games in Houston. I was born and raised in Houston and attended many a birthday party there. The location in the pics was actually between North Post Oak Road and the 610 Loop. As you said this was a very difficult location because you had to exit the freeway, turn on N Post Oak and drive almost a mile from there. There was no direct freeway access. There was one on the Southwest Freeway which is where the infamous murders took place, but all that was left standing there was the building, the track had long been destroyed and I don't believe there was ever a 'caste' there. Also I vividly remember the putt putt course in the pics as being the one off N Post Oak Rd. And the freeway you see in the back ground is definitely the 610 loop.,-95.451622&sspn=0.037318,0.054932&ie=UTF8&ll=29.785777,-95.452909&spn=0.00933,0.013733&t=h&z=16


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