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Concordia Cemetery - El Paso, TX

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El Paso, TX is in what one might normally describe as a desert, but we've been having some freakishly strong monsoons this year. I'm talking receiving double our normal annual rainfall in about a month and a half. That's roughly 15" of rain in 6 weeks in a city that has no concept of proper drainage. This has lead to water pooling everywhere, tons of mosquitos, and jungles of weeds. That's what brings me here today.

We have a fairly old, technically "historic" cemetery in the middle of town that's usually a few acres of headstones, dirt, and broken glass. Right now, though, it's hard to even tell there are graves in most of the cemetery, so I decided to go check it out. Photos ensued. Hope you enjoy.

This is me looking horribly geeky in my camo pants and month-old beard. I'm 5'9" so you can get an idea of how bad the weeds have gotten.

They've started trying to tackle the weeds, but that's just causing a different kind of mess.

They also seem to be uprooting some of the grave markers in the process.


Just a few more shots of graves hidden in the weeds.

At this point in time my girlfriend and I got tired of taking pictures of weeds and decided to see if there were any interesting headstones.

This is the section they have cleared out so far, with a shot of the lovely Franklin Mountains in the background.

This seems to be a very popular name for some reason.

We saw no sign of the Zombie Bradford, unfortunately.

A slightly headstone.




More stones in disrepair.

Well, this looks like a cute little group of graves.


Some stones that caught my eye.

These were all in a row. Not sure why the last one has a different last name.


Obviously, Masons were abound.

The lovely Mason memorial on the way out.

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