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Missing Maiden Motel

Provided by Anomaly

I really don't know what this place was exactly. Though i have my suspicions, When i was about to get really involved in my picture taking... a Park he said... comes out of nowhere, at a place that's in the middle of nowhere, and tells me i have to leave the area. I asked him about the location and all he could tell me was... that what i saw was the remaining part an old entertainment complex with Motel and Amphitheater. He said it was too dangerous, full of snakes. I didn't see a one before he arrived on the scene. This is what i did get to see and weeks later when i came back to sneak in a back way, it was plowed under. So, no pics of the Amphitheater. I was very disappointed to say the least.

Twin Beds Hmmmmm! Very interesting!



BLDG in center


Soooo, What do you think went on here??


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