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Ireland of Old

'The Republic of Ireland has undergone massive social and economic changes in recent years.  The growth of the economy, nicknamed the 'Celtic Tiger', has seen a level of wealth never experienced before in Ireland, and has transformed this small country from one with very little financial wealth, to one of the richest countries in the world today. Construction and development is taking place everywhere - in large towns and cities right through to small country towns and villages. New houses, often of mansion-like proportions, are being built all over the country, to facilitate a new generation of Irish people with new money to spend.  However, dotted all over the country, evidence of the old Ireland still exists - through the many abandoned houses to be found on Ireland's country roads.  These sparsely-furnished houses, with wood-burning stoves to heat the entire property, iron beds and wooden floors, highlight an Ireland to which we will likely never return, and while the population basks in its new-found wealth and all the materialism which comes with it, I feel it is important to show to you the Ireland of old - while the houses still exist in their original form." 

Abandoned House Ireland

Abandoned Cottage

Abandoned Store

Railway Cottage

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