Battersea Powerstation

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Battersea PowerStation

Battersea PowerStation is recognizable to most people from the UK, and it's part of the London skyline. Over the years there have been several plans to redevelop the site, but nothing has ever come of them and the building has decayed more and more, until now it's pretty much just a shell.

It was open to the public for an "exhibition of Chinese contemporary art, architecture and sound" - and I went there on November the 5th which was the last day. There were quite a lot of people there unfortunately so I didn't get to wander round on my own, but I did get to queue outside and watch the sunset. Here's my photos -

Approaching from the south side

It was getting dark by the time we arrived so it was looking like a good sunset

South side close up

Looking up the south east tower

Going down pretty fast

It's going to be dark by the time we get inside

NO URINATING There seemed to be quite a lot of rich people there, nobody else took a photo of the sign...

Looking through to the North east tower

Almost down

It was pretty dark inside by now

There was a tank just inside, it had a limp barrel. I'm not sure what that meant.

We went upstairs inside the east wing, through some cool stairwells.

There wasn't much machinery left, this was pretty much all I saw. The TV's were part of the installation, there were some sofas watching the machinery too. There were also goats.

The whole wall was filled with apples, a lot of them were moldy. It smelt a lot of moldy apples in here.

Looking further North, it just keeps going


This stairwell leads to -

This fire door

Looking North again from the floor below

Looking across to the West side we could see this, not sure what that's all about...

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