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Whilst partaking in today's dumpster diving thread, myself and non-goon Beavis got a tad sidetracked and accidentally ended up exploring the old sorting office in Bristol. Beavis has been in there many times before and was able to guide me around.
As far as I know the place has been empty for about 4 years. It is for sale and likely to be part of a huge redevelopment of the area around the cities main train station.
What with todays other thread about
Banksy's fantastic piece in Palestine, I decided to focus on the graffiti aspect of the building. It has some fantastic work in there, I only wish I had a better camera so I could have taken more photos.
The building is pretty large, has pretty much every window smashed and has had much of the copper wiring etc striped out by scavengers.
Fun fact: Beavis once had a shotgun pulled on him by one of the copper striping chaps.

So, on with the pictures.
The outside:


As soon as we get inside we see these pieces:




This is the ground floor, gives an idea of the size:

Looking up the stairs:

First floor, oh look! Graffiti Chief Wiggum:

Local guy Mudwig:

A cutout piece, these were everywhere:

This is the machinery on the first floor. It's a sorting machine. All the parcels get seperated by mechanical magic.

It has a gantry running over the entire floor to service it, we decided to climb about the conveyor belts:


The floor:

A very fucked office:

And it's accompanying fucked computer:


Stairway up to the next floor:

Ladies toilets:

Woo! More graf work:


This is an astounding bit of work, linked for table breakageness:

Other angle:

This room had been set on fire at some stage, the guy who did this piece worked some of the charcoal/burn into it:

Naked Lunch typewriter just about to change into bug powder dust fueled evil:

Next floor:




The background of this one uses rasterbated style images:

The roof. This is the workings for the lifts:

This appeared to be above the lift shaft:

So yeah, I had to do it:

View from the roof, uyou can just see Tollgate house in the distance:

Parting shot of really damaged corridor, linked for teh bigness:

Well, that's yer lot, hope you liked the pictures. Apologies for the quality of some of them, I really need a better camera.
Thanks to Beavis for showing me the place.


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