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NHS Hospital

I visited this place twice last week, the 2nd time with more people and to hopefully find the morgue, which was in a separate building we still couldn't find a way into. It's been closed I think since 1996, and surprisingly was bought shortly after by Tescos, who have yet to do anything with it. The main corridor has been damaged by fire, and probably as a result, Tescos have spent 1m in the last year on security and boarding, which appears to have been a colossal waste of resources. Anyway, on to the photos:

The front of the building. The only part of the sign that's in any way true is the word 'static'. The entire ~8hrs we were in there over both days, they sat in their van at the front listening to music.

Session 9-esque view of the main corridor:

A hall/skatepark in out-patients:

...which was full of x-rays like this, dated 1967


2nd floor corridor:

One of the only pieces of hospital-specific equipment left in the building:

Operating theater:

Children's ward:

A box of carbon dioxide, as sold by the British Oxygen Company:

One of about 4 wards in the main building:

Pharmacy desk:

A room:


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