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Chesapeake Western Railway

Submitted Pictures.

Hi, I found your site through StumbleUpon and would like to submit a few pictures for you. These were taken in Harrisonburg, VA at a rather neglected part of the Chesapeake Western Railway. I've numbered the pictures in the order I'd like them to be posted. Here is what you can put on the page with them if you desire:


The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia has a prolific poultry industry, and most of the railroads that crisscross the region are used to transport poultry feed. This feed processing plant sits right in the middle of downtown Harrisonburg and has always intrigued me, so while out for a walk with my son one day, we took a detour back home through the train yard that adjoins it. It is not totally abandoned as parts of it are still in use, but I think it's fair to say that most of these buildings haven't seen any business in a very long time. We didn't go inside any of them, but they are definitely eerie enough on the outside. Perhaps someday we will venture inside to see what we can see, since now I have a much better camera.

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